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Most of us fantasize about  the dream boyfriend who leaves freshly cut flowers on your pillow, cooks five course meals, and who actually enjoys talking long walks in the moonlight.

But if you’re like me... you prefer a SUPERNATURAL boyfriend -- one who can sweep me off of my feet with metaphysical speed and strength, one who will protect me with superhuman force, and a guy with a little bit of a dangerous streak.

For all of you who share that fantasy, it is time to put that vision on display! For this month’s Closet Confidential challenge, we present four preternaturally hot "supes" to dress up for your ultimate supernatural dream date.

Here are the details:

1. The Rules

2. Next, select your date from the list of boys above. We realize this is FAR from a perfect selection, but it’s certainly not bad, right? 

3. Dress your dream guy in that perfect outfit. Please note - you must pick 5 of these 7 items to create your entry, and #7 is a requirement. And sorry, he can’t just be naked!

  • Hair
  • Accessories
  • Shirt/top
  • Bottoms
  • Jacket
  • Shoes
  • Romantic accessory (*required) - This is an item he would use to win you over

4. Submit your entry in the comments below. To create your entry, you can use a Pinterest board, Polyvore board, a list of links to your items, or handmade image. Be creative!

Example: Check out this awesome Magnus pinterest board for inspiration!

On August 14, we’ll close submissions, and Wikia staffers will evaluate the entries we’ve received. We’ll choose the five best entries, and post those entries for a vote on August

5. The Prize: The grand winner of that vote will a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Happy styling!

Contest Ends: August 14, 2013 *CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED*

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