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Delilah Alvares Walking The Ramp For Designer Jyotsna Bhat

Delilah Alvares Walking The Runway For Designer Jyotsna Bhat

Delilah Alvares is a Kuwait-born British actress, model and author[1] best known for photo and fashion modelling[2]

She established herself in the world of theater as an award winning stage actress and play writer before actively moving into films and television[1].Years later she made her return back to stage acting from screen acting[3]

After taking home the title of ROCK's Calendar Model in 2012, she ventured completely into modeling[3] Her work stands out with renowned fashion designers and photographers of various countries[4]

She has written three plays - Four Wonders (2007), Ms. Brown (2007), and Murder Mystery (2008)[5] and is also the author of the psychological thriller- The Maze (Dark Shadows)[6] published by a New York based publishing house[7]

Awards & Nominations:[]

  • The Masque Best Actress of the Year (2005)[1]
  • ROCK Calendar Model 2012 (Winner)[2]
  • Femina Beauty Pageant 2013 (Top 13 finalists)[8]
  • The Book Designer's e-book cover design award - Nominated (May 2016)[9]
  • List of Notable Kuwaitis 2016 (International Writers)[10]

Associated Brands:[]

Alvares has long been associated with L'Oreal (hair care, hair color and hair styles)[11][2]


In 2013, she sparked an Anorexia controversy and became the target of unfavorable backlash largely prominent on social media. She later disclosed the rumors to be completely false in magazine interviews and other press releases[12]